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IconCool Studio Pro v7.60

Introduction: IconCool Studio Pro v7.60 Build 120818
Free Download IconCool Studio Pro v7.60 Build  is a complete solution for 32 bit icon editing and
creation. The program includes all standard image editing tools, as well
as a variety of filters and effects that can be used to enhance your
icon designs. The included Mixer enables you to create custom icons from
scratch, using multiple layers and a variety of ready-to-use design
elements. In addition to icon and (animated) cursor formats, the program
also supports editing of GIF, JPG and PNG image files. Other features
included support for Vista icons, Photoshop plug-in and transfer,

multi-format import/export and more.
- Edit 32bit icons, ICLs, CURs and ANIs;
- Perfectly support creating Vista icons;
- Build-in fantastic IconCool Mixer tool;
- Powerful and easy-to-use marquee operation;
- 60+ visible filters and flexible gradient editing;
- Powerful Photoshop plug-in function;
- Support 20 format images import/export;
- Support watermark and unique lighting effects;
- Fantastic magic wand tool;
- Offer 700 royalty-free Vista icons;
What's new in Studio 7?
1. Supports the latest Vista OS and create Vista icon
IconCool Studio 7 not only supports and runs stable on the ultimate
Windows Vista OS published by Microsoft Corporation but also supports
icon editing and creating (including size of 256x256) on Windows Vista
2. Fantastic IconCool Mixer
IconCool Mixer is a tool which is built in IconCool Studio Pro, it
provides users who are not a design specialist with a quick mechanism
for creating world-class, professional icons. IconCool Mixer also
provides other useful functions including image layering and blending
styles. You can also, without having extensive graphic design training,
create unique icons based on the hundreds of elements provided by us.
3. Powerful marquee operation
On the basis of IconCool Studio 6, marquee tools have been improved and
enforced in IconCool Studio 7 to more conveniently and flexibly select
any element of the canvas. Theses tools list as: Rectangular Marquee
Tool, Ellipse Marquee Tool and Polygon Marquee Tool. While using these
tools the experience of convenience and swiftness bears the features as
well as that of Adobe Photoshop.
4. Creates an icon with different states in a minute
IconCool Studio 7 has a function for creating three different states
automatically for current icon which is being edited. The software will
create Lighter (active), Current Pick (valid) and Gray Scale (invalid).
Use this to make a suit of software toolbar buttons with ease.
5. Visible filter operation
IconCool Studio 7 provides you with about more than 10 filter effects.
You can open the preview panel and view the effect after adjusting the
preferences by using filters as in Adobe Photoshop.
6. Flexible gradient editing and powerful color management
IconCool Studio 7 has powerful and easy-to-use color tools, such as
color panel, foreground color tool, background color tool, sample color
tool and transparency setting tool. Moreover, in order to allow for
color flexibly, the software has options for changing from the currently
used color to a transparent color or white, or any other color.
IconCool Studio 7 offers you convenient gradient tools, you can create,
save, use and manage these gradients in the same way as you would in
Adobe software family.
7. Supports Multi-format images with powerful import and export function
IconCool Studio 7 can import a number of file types, such as PNG, BMP,
JPG, GIF, PSD, TIF and so on, into the editing area. The import function
has several powerful options that enable you to import an image with
ease. What’s more, IconCool Stuido 6 enables you to export icons into
various file types such as BMP, GIF, JPG, WMF, PNG, TGA, TIF, EMF, PSP
and so on.
8. Convenient shortcut keys to perform
Some controversial shortcut keys have been changed in IconCool Studio 7
so as to reach the experience of convenience and swiftness.
9. Make .CUR files and animated .ANI files easily and rapidly
Without any other tools' attendance, IconCool Studio 7 provides
professional tools for you to create .CUR files and .ANI files which
make your mouse cursor more vivid and lively.
10. Supports mutual-sending image between Photoshop and Studio 7
IconCool Studio 7 also allows you to send an image to PhotoShop. From
IconCool Studio 7, you just choose "Send this image to PhotoShop" from
the pop-up menu. The current image will then be transferred to PhotoShop
editing area.
11. Friendly interface and comfortable operating experience, more stable quality and running efficiency
IconCool Studio 7 is easy to use with a friendly interface. We
understand that designers are accustomed to using design software such
as PhotoShop, Flash, and Fireworks. We developed the interface and
operating methods of IconCool Studio 7 with your comfort in mind. With
self-contained coding and optimization IconCool Studio 7 allows more
stable quality and running efficiency to be available.
12. Insert an icon to current project conveniently
IconCool Studio 7 allows you to insert an external icon to current
project when you want to view or edit the icon which is not presented on
the canvas.
13. Excellently show the icon on different places to test its effects
Icon Viewing is an easy way to view your current edited icon before you want to finish your project.
14. Create styled watermark in the Snapshot quickly
Use Watermark as a special sign for your image to reserve copyright.
15. To capture the area you want to get directly and rapidly
By left-click on the mouse when starting Capture, be easy to drag the marquee to select specific area for image capturing.
16. Fantastic magic wand tool
It’s an easy way for you to select a consistent colored area. When you
click an area in an image with magic wand tool, then all areas which are
similar color will be selected. You need not to trace out the outline
for the areas you want to select. It improves the preciseness for your
operation and save your time.