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easyQuizzy 2.0

Free Download easyQuizzy 2.0 Build 432 Full  an efficient and affordable test creation tool. Create your own computer-based tests and quizzes of any complexity and save them into completely independent and portable executable files.

Whether you want to…
• find out how your students are progressing though their course
• spend 5 minutes to create a quick 10-question professional aptitude test for newcomers to your department, or
• make a simple, just-for-fun quiz to test your friends
You will definitely need easyQuizzy software to help you generate tests quickly and with minimum effort.

Test Editor
• You can have an unlimited number of questions inside each test, and each question can have up to 50 possible answers.

• ‘Single choice’, ‘multiple choice’, and ‘fill in the blank’ questions are supported.
• easyQuizzy supports object embedding in questions, so you can insert images of any type into your tests, as well as use formulas in test questions and answers.
• To make tests harder and prevent cheating, you can configure tests to shuffle answers to every question and select a limited number of test questions in random order.
• Use any of the supported grading systems—from pass/fail to 100-point, so you won’t have to spend extra time converting test results into the necessary system.

Produced Tests
• Each produced test is a compact standalone and portable executable file, which can run on any Windows platform and even on Linux (Wine needed).
• File content is encrypted, therefore the user can’t cheat by spying on correct answers inside the test file.
• Tests have very simple user interface, so even young children can take them without any trouble.
• The author can set test duration limitations and configure the program to keep the test summary window on the screen for a specific period of time after the test has been completed.
• The test summary contains the complete Q&A report on a passed test, including extended statistics.
• The summary can be printed or saved for analysis.