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DAPlayer - Best HD Player Full



  • Apart from video files in your hard drive, DAPlayer also works with DVDs and Blu-rays. Thanks to the support for high definition video (AVCHD, MKV, H264 and more) DAPlayer lets you enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows in glorious full HD 1080p. What’s more, the program also works with audio files, so you can also use it as a music player as well!
  • is a sleek, powerful free video player that works with hundreds of formats, including high definition video.
  • What’s DAPlayer’s secret? A simple one: it comes with more than 400 audio and video codecs already built into the player, so that you can play virtually any kind of video on your computer without the hassle of having to look for and download missing codecs.DAPlayer features an elegant design with hidden menus on top of the window. The player offers a wide selection of configuration options for video, audio, subtitles and more. Too bad the skin is so dark that sometimes it makes menu browsing a bit difficult.
  • DAPlayer is a powerful multimedia player with a simple, attractive design, hundreds of built-in codecs, and support for HD video, DVD, Blu-ray and more!