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Make ur,s Desktop beautiful with VeBest Icon Groups v2.0.0


                  Description: VeBest Icon Groups v2.0.0;

VeBest Icon Groups v2.0.0  is an application that will help you with your
desktop icon management. VeBest Icons Groups provides widgets ability to
organize hundred icons on small desktop space, allowing customers
simple shortcut access.
VeBest Icon Groups v2.0.0 is a powerful, but easy to use and
rich in animation utility. It has an up-to-date and fantabulous
graphical interface
The primary functions of VeBest Icons Groups are the creation of circle
and/or line alignment groups, the shortcut packaging into icon stacks,
the selectable themes and colors and the groups animation. You will get
used to working with the software in no time and soon you won't be able
to live without it!
What's New in This Release VeBest Icon Groups v2.0.0:
· Ability to move icons from Control Panel and other system places
· Vertical Groups
· New styles
· Auto-align on desktop