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Sim Card Data doctor Recovery v3.0.1.5


Description: Sim Card Data doctor Recovery v3.0.1.5
Free Download Sim Card Data doctor Recovery v3.0.1.5 software restore accidently deleted text
messages, phone book numbers with name, retrieves IMSI (International
Mobile Subscriber Identity) number, inbox read/unread SMS, outbox sent
messages. Mobile phone data recovery software requires PC/SC standards
or Phoenix standard based USB SIM card reader hardware device to restore
information from logically damaged or inaccessible mobile phone SIM

Software is mostly used as forensic tool by
investigating officers or forensics agency for recovering text messages,
phone book contact numbers including (last dialed numbers, fixed dialed
numbers) from any 3G/GSM mobile network. GSM card forensic tool targets
mobile operators, content providers, detectives and legal officers,
developers, reverse engineers, and others. Utility cannot recover SIM
Card if it is locked using PIN number.
What's new in version
Version can recover both 2G and 3G SIM cards SMS