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Get google adsense and youtube partnership


Get google adsense and youtube partnership 

if you are try to get  google  adsense for ur,s blogger or site ,incase you have 400+ post in ur,s blogger when  you apply google adsense after that you see in ur,s  inbox that you have 
best way to get google adsense

 you feel very bad in ur,s heart bec you work hard to get google adsense  for earing, In same case I have also try to get google adsense 

Get google adsense in pakistan
but in case I will try work hard not on post in blogger , I try day and night to get google adsense application submitted method for best method to get genius method without change ip or any thing other website for get fake account ,I also use this method to get adsence but my account have no earning in 7 day my account is block , but I try work hard to get best way to get google adsense ,
Get google adsense in asian country

 In this time my blogger  have google adsense  which you see, my work hard show is colors now I am able to make a account  for every time, that why I have share you this post and help you to earn the money with best way  with google adsense
In this Case you have Question 
The question in the mind of people specially Pakistani, Indian reader that the google adsense this not allowed in our country in start of my work hard I have also the same question in my mind but ………………………… if the google adsense is not allowed in Pakistani ,Indian or asian country the google adsense apply page are block by google if the google are not allowed the google adsense  in asian country
In our Pakistani country google adsense is earning 50 billon Rups in one year that is Show that google adsence is work in asian country
Google has said that it sees Pakistan as a US 500 million dollar (or Rs. 50 Billion) advertising market with 22 million internet users, which is larger than the population of Australia and Singapore.
Now the Second Question
Why the google  adsense not approval  in Pakistan if the google have earning 50 Billion , the answer is that our site have not unique data  for  reader of the net, Mostly 60 to 70 Pakistani or Indian sited have use Copy pasted Content  and I have alose use the same method :P in this Same google have give low price in per click
Now Why I get money form you for make ur,s account
The account for applying the google adsence is free many reader think that why they pay if it is free  if you are very genius  when make and try :P I  work hard to get best and genius method for approval google adsence account , you pay the money of my work hard to get the genius method if you are not interested to get google adsence so , waste ur,s time to get disapproval application mail ur,s inbox and If you want really   so contact  me on my skype id aqil514 for more detail. it is my first post in my blogger which I written with my hand :P bec I am very happy that I get genius method for google adsence 
If you have youtube Channel
If you have youtube channel and upload many videos in ur,s youtube channel and want to earn with those video so  add me on skype aqil514 I make you , youtube partnership , bec I m able to for this work :P
Thank you to read my  Post bec and I know  many mistake in my post these thinking show that you are must  English Teacher :P hahahah
Get google adsense and youtube partnership