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Hide Folders 2012


Introduction:  Hide Folders 2012 v4.0 build

free download Hide Folders 2012 v4.0 build

Free transfer Hide Folders 2012 v4.0 build  Hide, lock and countersign defend your personal files and folders from different users.
Hide Folders is associate innovative package application that allows you to countersign defend all the personal data on your drive. you'll fleetly create your files and folders inaccessible, invisible or defend them from modification or removal.
The protected folders or files aren't accessible by users - regardless of however they're attempting to induce in - domestically or from net. Effective protection mechanism, intuitive computer programme, and set of fine-tuning choices can suit the requirements of everybody from novice Windows users to pc specialists. Since 2001, our Hide Folder package product facilitate our users to cover personal files and folders from prying eyes.

Features and advantages
Immediate knowledge protection (protect and unprotect commands square measure execited in no time).
4 protection strategies available: Hide, Lock, Hide & Lock, Read Only
NTFS, FAT32, exFAT and FAT volumes square measure supported.
File masks (wildcards) support.
Unlimited variety of folders may be protected at constant time.
No limits on the dimensions of protected knowledge.
Trusted processes support - processes that square measure permissible to access the protected knowledge.
No classification system structure modifications can occur.
Password protection to stop unauthorized users from accessing your personal knowledge.
Protected uniinstall.
Removing Hide Folders application folder from the system won't uncover hidden folders.
Files from hidden folders won't be lost though somebody tries to get rid of associate high-ranking folder.
Different wipe tracks choices.
Crutical folders aware - Hide Folders forestall lockup system folders for stability reasons.
Safe mode support - The folders may be hidden though your pc is running in safe mode.
Hot keys to manage basic Hide Folders functions.
Command line support of all main Hide Folders functions.
Support of folders named with national language symbols .
Multilingual support, its computer programme supports totally different languages and may be simply translated to new languages.
Intuitive and very easy-to-use computer programme with skins.

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