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How to Listen YouTube


If you have slow internet speed in this cause you can’t watch video you have choice or thinking that one application that can solve my problem due to slow speed I want  only Listen or download mp3 format to YouTube , this application is easy download mp3 , it is  very good and best application if you have so speed for watching ur,s liker video
I make a video on this nice application what you do for this
First of all you download this easy mp3 download Application
After you download it install and don’t run when open the patch file and give the installer folder bath for register after then you run this nice application
now the basics work of this Application
1.      First you get link of ur,s liker song or video from YouTube or other video site’s
2.      When on the top of this application paste the link and press the search mp3 button
3.      When you press the button it work and end of the title of ur,s liker video the this 2 button download and play , you can do which you can play or download
4.      In the end of the application you can see Play , stop button which you can use after select ur,s favorite video

See this video if you want more help

How to Listen or download Mp3 format To YouTube