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3DPool Game



High definition graphics that utilizes the tissue layer show.

Play table game in a very totally different style; Time Trial, Matrix Mode and a couple of Player fifteen Ball Mode.
In Time Trial you've got a limit of four minutes, within which you've got to pocket balls as quick as you'll to realize a lot of score. once you pocket quite one ball back to back, your number can increase and which is able to boost your score and time.

In Matrix Mode, once you pocket a ball your score are going to be increased by the distinction of your previous and current ball range if the present is quite the previous; however if the present is a smaller amount, then your score is split by the present ball range. therefore watch out.

In a pair of Player fifteen Ball Mode you'll contend against your friend.

3 totally different Modes.
Open Feint enabled.
Retina show support.
Achievements to unlock.
Publish Score to Facebook & Twitter.
What's new in Version v1.0.2
- Full tissue layer show support for super crisp graphics.
- iOS four Multitasking for quick app change.
- a brand new camera mode.
- Improved FPS and performance.
- choice to swap the controls for Left bimanual and Right bimanual.
- choice to toggle Sound FX and Music.
- Table choice is currently saved.
Have Fun...

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