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Free download ThumbsPlus

ThumbsPlus may be a extremely customizable image information with thumbnails and batch piece of writing. It makes it simple to catalog, organize
, find and maintain all of your graphics, multimedia system and font files. It runs on Windows 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, panorama and Windows seven. each thirty two and 64-bit versions of O/Ses square measure suppoorted.
Feature List
ThumbsPlus version eight offers new toolbar buttons and graphics with a Windows Vista/7 feel, improved menus, and a far wider choice of buttons to decide on from.
You can load, view, edit and save sixteen bit per channel pictures.
You can produce, handle and think about alpha channels in 24-bit and 48-bit pictures.
A digital cameral raw plug-in (Click here for info and downloads.) is obtainable, and file sorts loaded by this filter are loaded as 48-bit.
You can save RAW files (image bits solely, no image information).
Many different and attention-grabbing image filters square measure offered.
Photo printing choices with print preview.
You can modification or modify the image resolution throughout size, and also the print size is computed.
You can additionally enter a print size and also the component dimensions are computed. Image | remodel | size.
ThumbsPlus can print all pages of multi-image squabble, DCX and CEX files.
You can mechanically extract EXIF info and store in user fields.
You can show up to 9 user fields within the fingernail read.
Perform fast instruction execution directly from the most menu’s Image | fast Batch fly out menu.
Many slide show transitions.
Windows Color Management support.
Assign color profiles to scanners and digital cameras.
Movie fingernail and viewing choices (Options | File Loading | picture shows & Sounds).
Preview window offered (you will switch between Tasks and Preview).
Color replacement in single and batch mode (Image | Adjust).
Quick convert menu for changing multiple files (Image | Convert to).
Quick (and non-lossy for JPEG files) turns (90, 180, 270) and mirrors.
Stamp a picture with any image information (such as file name, date, EXIF fields, etc.), another image or any text. Image | Stamp.
Multiple undo/redo capability.
Generate fingernail web content within the online page Wizard. Image | online page Wizard. The thumbnails will link on to the complete size pictures, to individual pages for every image or to a javascript pop-up window.
Many model designs for the online Page Wizard.
Can convert and size pictures within the online page Wizard.
Thumbnail annotations are often viewed throughout a slide show.
Will show the computed similarity between elect pictures. Image | Compare.
Even a lot of versatile instruction execution, as well as setting file date/time.
OLE support for several completely different file formats not handled internally.
Support for IPTC piece of writing in batch method.
Support for viewing EXIF info from digicam files.
EXIF version two.2 fields supported.
Create thumbnails of unsupported files from the writing board. fingernail | create from writing board.
Windows Still Image support to launch ThumbsPlus mechanically along with your scanner or once attaching your camera.
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