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tricks of facebook


tricks of facebook

Hiding Your ‘Online’ Status For Chatting

Not the chatty type? You can appear offline to your friends by using the following steps.
Note: Even if your chat is turned off, your friends can still personal message you.
1. Hover over the settings icon at the bottom right of your Facebook home screen. Click “Turn off Chat” to always appear offline.
hidden in facebook
2. You can appear offline for only certain friends by clicking the “Advanced Settings” button and adding exceptions to your lists. Click save after adding names to either list.

Proper Facebook Sharing Optimization

Facebook only indexes the first 18 characters of your post when you share it. Make sure those first few words are optimized for full SEO value.
For example, Facebook would associate this share with “Xp Shortcut”, which isn’t fully optimized.
Proper Facebook Sharing Optimization

Tag on Facebook using only their first name

Many people don’t know that you can friends in statuses using only their first name. This also works for comments and pictures as well!
1. Tag your friends as you normally would by inserting the @ symbol followed by their name and clicking on their profile on the dropdown menu as shown.
Tag on Facebook

Hide A Friend’s Updates From Your News Feed

Tired of seeing a fan page or friend clutter your news feed? Ignore their posts without actually “unfriending” them.
1. Hover over the top right area of the post you want to hide until this down arrow appears.
Hide A Friend feed

2.  Click “Hide…”
hidden feed friend post
3a. For a fan page, click “Hide all stories from (Fanpage)”. You can also choose to unlike the page from here if you wanted.
hidden feed friend post
3b. For a profile page, hover over “Change what updates you get from (Friend)”.
hidden feed friend post
Uncheck any notifications you don’t want to see, or press “unsubscribe” to ignore that friend completely without “unfriending” them.
hidden feed friend post

Block Game Invites

1. On your Facebook home page, you’ll notice this block of notifications in the upper-right corner. Click the “app requests” notification.

Block Game Invites
2. Scroll to a game invite you want to block, and click the “x” button.
Game Invites Block
3. Block all invites from a certain game, or ignore every invite from that friend by clicking the respective option.
Block all invites