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Moto Geeks - Adrenaline game


Moto Geeks - Adrenaline game

Moto Geeks full
The internal secretion game Moto Geeks shows in observe that it deserves its name fully. Pure existence of internal secretion and drive you get whereas enjoying it distinguishes this game from the others. all-time feeling of driving a bike is what you may have throughout all Moto Geeks. Be quick to induce emotions you've got ne'er had in your life before! tho' a sense of speed can ne'er leave whereas you're enjoying Moto Geeks, you wish to stay them in check and do not let internal secretion capture you totally.
there's no back-up within the game in the least - that is the issue you've got to stay in mind. No seat belts, air bags, back seat driver to guard you. no matter you are doing and no matter can happen thenceforth, you may be the one United Nations agency is to blame. If you give way, that is it. you will try and develop your bike however you will not pass the finish in time. thus try and be higher driver then you're as a result of what you'll get is price all of your risks. you will take a title of the best bike racer within the internal secretion game Moto Geeks! there's simply concern between you which. Defeat your fright and your opponents; allow them to apprehend that there's no power within the Universe that may stop you! you've got already had everything to win: your drive and your bike. Moreover, there's nothing you will contact however you and your motorbike. opt for the one you're feeling matching your driving vogue best and find able to bear all races. Become one in all people who is not scared of revealing his authentic spirit of an excellent bike racer within the internal secretion game Moto Geeks!


  • Fascinating animated graphics
  • Full screen and window modes
  • Modern similar instrumentation
  • Fun for all ages

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