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Block YouTube Ads in Firefox

Block YouTube Ads in Firefox

Many times once we open a video to look at on YouTube, we've to look at an ad before we are able to see that Video. we are able to Skip that Ad once five seconds.
In this post i'm progressing to tell you the way to block Ads from YouTube in Firefox Browser.
You can conjointly Block Ads in Google Chrome ( Click here to scan however ? ).
As everyone is aware of that we are able to install Add-ons to Firefox, Here is an Add-on which will Block YouTube Ads and that we do not have to be compelled to Skip Ad once five seconds.
Follow These easy Steps to block Ad in Firefox:

Follow These simple Steps to Block Ad in Firefox

Step 1: Open Firefox.
Step 2: Now go to AdBlock Plus.
Step 3: Now Click on "Download Now"

Block Ads YouTube in Firefox
Step 4: The Add-on will be Downloaded and installed to Firefox automatically.
Step 5: Restart Firefox and Enjoy..