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Video Download Problem


How to download video from YouTube using ultra surf

First of all I tell you about ulta surf Ulta surf is the world best proxy changer it,s is believe able proxy changer most of proxy changer in Application and Proxy list is available in Net but some of the list of proxy or other application is attach with servers Hackers but ultra surf is not attach with hackers servers
That the point that can make this application world mostly downloading proxy changer software
What Problam with ultra Surf
Ultra Surf is use for running block website like YouTube ,face book  but there is problem with ultraSurf
When User Run this application it’s can’t be download video form YouTube in cause with out proxy setting
That,s Error is Shown 
How to download video from YouTube using ultra surf

I tell you How We Fix this video Downloading Error
First Go to the Inter download Manger (IDM) 
When Click on Downloads then click on Options
When Click on Proxy/Socks
Then Check on Use Proxy Edit Proxy Server address and after Port 9666 Check on "http" and"https"
 After that you refresh ur,s video link Page and click download Video downloading is starting after this setting but ......


When you clos proxy changer application un check the Proxy/Socks without this IDM can not work