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WiFi HotSpot Creator


WiFi HotSpot Creator: Convert Windows PC or Laptop into WiFi Hotspot

WiFi HotSpot Creator
Now is a good range of portable computer makers, pill phone, providing the Wi-Fi certified 802.11 technology in its merchandise that permits users to simply access the web once finding Wi-Fi networks it finds.
wireless local area network Router has become one amongst the fundamental requirements if you wish to create to create a private Wi-Fi. What if you are doing not have a router, and nevertheless still have a wireless local area network device?

No need to get separate hardware for it, a licensed wireless local area network computer or portable computer will act as a wireless local area network router.

Here's a way to flip your computer or laptop computer into a wireless local area network hotspot.
WiFi HotSpot Creator  is Associate in Nursing application that's easy to use and straightforward for Windows which will flip your computer or portable computer with a wireless card into a wireless local area network hotspot. This application works on a similar technology employed in the wireless local area network router and use a telephone line, Cable, Mobile Broadband Card, Dial-Up, etc. one amongst the connections to create the hotspot which too while not the necessity for added hardware.

WiFi HotSpot Creator

Step One: transfer, Install and Run wireless local area network HotSpot Creator

Step Two: type a name for your network within the Wi-Fi Name column. (WiFi network can seem on your device with this name)

Step Three: type within the password to confirm security.

Step Four: choose the network card using your computer or portable computer.

Step Five: choose the most range of users to be connected to wireless local area network.

Step Six:  Click the beginning button.

WiFi HotSpot Creator transfer package
Although there area unit several similar applications, wireless local area network HotSpot Creator is incredibly straightforward to use resolution and works on the principle of one-click action.

It works on any Windows computer or portable computer (including Windows 8) - the sole basic demand may be a Wireless Network Card and web Framework four put in. If you have got it, you'll merely use it!
WiFi HotSpot Creator
WiFi HotSpot Creator